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Yoga is Possible for Anyone Who Really Wants It

Though we may come to yoga having been out of shape for some time, we find that a regular practice makes us lean and strong. We begin to live yoga off of our mats as much if not more than we do on our mats. Soon we are seeing clearly and thinking soundly.

We begin to make better choices regarding nutrition. We make better choices socially. Suddenly we find the body freeing itself of disease.
There are three types of disease namely mind disease, body disease, and nervous system disease. When the mind is diseased the whole body is diseased. The mind can liberate but it can also keep us in bondage. If the mind is sick or sad the whole body follows suit. Yoga is the medicine we give our minds.
We practice and the nervous system heals. The breathing that we do in yoga creates a strong circulatory system. When the circulatory system is strong the heart is healthy as well. When the body is healthy we are able to control the modifications of the mind.
Practice, practice, practice. A weak mind leads to a weak body. But when we practice we build a strong foundation through the poses and the breath.

The body, mind and nervous system begin to work together. When everything is working together for the good of the soul then we find that we live yoga in every part of our lives.
Yoga is a healing practice and it is accessible to all.



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